Takeaway Points From 2014 Phoenix Adhd Diagnosis Statistics

According to a 2014 Phoenix Adhd Diagnosis Statistics, a total of 11 percent of the children in this part of Arizona are dealing with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. This condition is often characterized by a kid’s inability to stay still even in a short class or control their actions at times. They usually have a tough time keeping up with everyone either at home or school as well. With a significant number of children who show symptoms of ADHD, it is not surprising at all for psychologists to research activities that may help youngsters cope with the illness. “Most of the activity in the brain is at the neuron level, not in the larger brain regions that we see with today’s scans,” Marilyn Wedge Ph.D. says.

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Doodling As A Stress Reliever

One thing that seems to have a positive effect on the students of various schools in Phoenix, Scottsdale area is doodling. It is a form of art that allows kids to take a pen and paper and practically draw whatever comes to mind for as long as possible. They can drag the writing medium across the slate or keep on drawing circles and other shapes. “Doodling activates the brain’s unfocus circuit. As a result, your unconscious brain participates in memory formation, and your brain, rather than being like a stiff, focused sponge, becomes more absorbent of information,” Srini Pillay M.D. explains.

The sense of freedom that the children can experience when doodling can relieve their stress excellently. They get to tap into their creative side to express what they cannot speak of and calm down at a stretch. That is especially essential for ADHD kids who are in the late stages of childhood and may be aware of the fact that their brain function is different from their peers.

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Concluding Thoughts

According to Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. and co-author, “Evidence shows that eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, and making other smart daily choices can help your child manage the symptoms of ADHD.” Unfortunately, once your child receives a diagnosis for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, there is no known way even now to help him or her get away from it permanently. No medicine or treatment is available to cure this condition. All you can do is teach regular tasks that kids their age should know and encourage making friends. Such activities will allow them to lead normal lives eventually.