Entrepreneurial Advantages of People with ADHD

Many people see ADHD as a diagnosis needing treatment. However, many pieces of research and anecdotes from individual studies have proven that people with this condition can become successful entrepreneurs. They can turn their symptoms into strengths by just changing their mindset in order to create and build a venture.

Some of the most popular entrepreneurs such as Ingvar Kamprad, Ikea founder, and David Neeleman, JetBlue creator, have been thanking their innate entrepreneurial ability heightened by ADHD for the success that they have now. In this context, how can people with ADHD become successful entrepreneurs?


They Bring Energy to Their Venture

People with ADHD have that natural hyperactivity in them that allows them to have a lot of energy to spend. This can be very useful for ventures that thrive on energies and drive from their bosses and their leaders. Various points in the business cycle where this energy can prove to be extremely useful include crisis periods, expansion periods, and risk-taking periods such as when entering contracts and deals.

“Perhaps the most characteristic of ADHD symptoms is the high energy associated with hyperactivity. That dynamism may have caused problems in more controlled settings (like school), but it can be valuable in helping a business leader see his or her vision through,” Madeline R. Vann, MPH wrote.

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People with ADHD can re-channel this energy to either work the extra miles or to provide their employees with the additional drive to move forward.


They Take Extra Risk for Their Goal

In addition, people with ADHD can be risk takers. Sensation seeking has been found to be more common among businessmen compared with the population in general. In addition, it is also more common for people with ADHD to build and own their venture three times more than entrepreneurs without ADHD.

Dale Archer M.D. says, “When you look more closely at what qualities make a successful entrepreneur, the so-called “symptoms” of ADHD emerge as distinct advantages. Suddenly, risk taking no longer seems reckless. Instead, it is an ability to operate well under conditions of uncertainty – to pull the trigger without overanalyzing, before the opportunity is forever lost.”

Source: ohindustry .com

People with ADHD can take multiple risks because they are not contented with the status quo. Moreover, they are also less likely to settle with the calming presence of the normal.


They Thrive in Chaos

These traits can also be the reason why people with ADHD can thrive in chaos. They can see calm in multiple, noisy images. They can thrive with quick entropy, as they cannot settle for less than what they can change. This particular trait makes them fit for the corporate world where there are too many things to focus on simultaneously.

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Their ability to multitask can also be the key to the success of their own firms. They can prove to be capable of swimming under the stress of multiple tasks ahead, and expect them not to drown.


They can Multi-Task When They Become ‘Hungry’

This ability to multitask will be activated when they become concentrated with getting what they really want. If they see a market where they can become a monopoly in a few years’ time, expect them to juggle their tasks ahead without melting down.


People with ADHD have been seen as special. However, people have not yet realized that many of the big firms existing in the world have bosses and founders with ADHD to thank for. They just learned how to reorient their extra energy and drive into something useful and valuable to society. It never failed them. Shane Perrault Ph.D. advises to, “Do your best to place an emphasis on having balance in your life: people with ADHD need balance to stay outside-of-the box!”