Symptoms of ADHD In Children: Why It Could Be Something Else Like PTSD

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a psychological disorder which usually manifests during childhood. It is something that not one parent would wish for his child, but it happens. As per Healthline, 6.1% of American children receive medication for ADHD. However, sometimes, a misdiagnosis may occur as the symptoms of ADHD is similar to some psychological issues like post-traumatic stress disorder.


Symptoms Of PTSD Which Are Mistaken For ADHD In Children:



Children with ADHD are impatient. However, it could also happen to those who are suffering from trauma or stress. A child could be rude sometimes as he tends to interrupt someone speaking because he couldn’t wait for his turn. It could also be present in people with PTSD. Sometimes, the unfortunate event in their lives makes them think that they have the right to be rude or they don’t care about what other people think of their behavior because they have experienced worse.



Children with ADHD are impulsive, and so are people with PTSD. They tend to react instantly to situations that may trigger an unpleasant memory related to trauma. For instance, when you are with someone who experienced a car crash and you surprise him with a road trip, he might not be happy about it and may move on to another plan.



Children with ADHD are restless. They tend to have excess energy that the people around them may be exhausted when they try to catch up. Some people who have PTSD have an open mind. They know that anything can happen any day, so they make the most of every minute,a nd as much as possible, they take advantage of every happy moment.



Children with ADHD display anger which most of the time is unreasonable. They could be upset with something which most of us would ignore like the color of the plate handed by the cafeteria personnel. However, with PTSD, anger or rage could come from a memory of the stress or trauma that happened in the past. The reason for the current outrage may seem unreasonable, but the cause behind it is profound.


Lack Of Concentration

Children with ADHD tend to lose focus. They have a hard time finishing an activity or task at hand, as their brain is wired to function simultaneously. They think and act fast that they lose track of what they are doing. On the other hand, in cases of PTSD, people lose focus because they haven’t moved on from the trauma that causes them overwhelming stress and pain.


Above are some of the signs of ADHD which are similar to other psychological issues like post-traumatic stress disorder. Most of the medications are similar, but it is still critical to get the correct diagnosis as we are talking about something that has a direct impact on our brain. It is also not advisable to self-diagnose because every situation differs, and professional advice is vital to obtain a successful treatment of any psychological condition.