OMG! NOW WHAT?! How To Help Your Daughter Deal with ADHD.

How to help your daughter with ADHD

Girls with ADD/ADHD are challenging and should be viewed as such because they are! Anyone with a daughter who has this condition knows first hand what the issues are.

But, what if your daughter is newly diagnosed? ADHD in girls is very different than ADHD in boys. You honestly don’t want to spend a lot of time reading about ADHD unless what you are reading references girls since the condition manifests itself differently.

So let’s get busy learning about the different sub-types because ADHD is not a cookie cutter diagnosis.

OMG! NOW WHAT?! How To Help Your Daughter Deal with ADHD.

Inattentive ADHD Subtype:

This girl may display difficulties both socially and emotionally and often act younger than her peers. In fact, she may prefer to play with children younger than herself because she’s more successful and comfortable in this setting. Does this sound like your daughter?

  • There can be rapid-fire give and take in-group situations that can prove hard for her.
  • There can be a tendency to shy away from groups and feel more comfortable with one close friend.

Is your daughter hypersensitive to criticism? At school, she may be the one to conform, but not do anything to draw attention to her. Unfortunately, her distractibility or forgetfulness may cause embarrassment and ridicule in front of peers especially when her teacher reprimands her for “daydreaming”.

It’s imperative to understand that ADHD is physiological, NOT A psychological, condition. If your daughter has emotional difficulties, it’s because they are the result of, not the cause of ADHD.

Please stress to all involved with your daughter that emotional difficulties often come with low frustration levels, frequent and rapid mood swings, difficulty accepting “no” for an answer and a red hot temper.

Be on the look out for depression, anger and anxiety in your daughter. If your daughter experiences these symptoms, please seek professional help.

Hyperactive/Impulsive ADHD Subtype:

If your daughter is diagnosed with the hyperactive/impulse subtype she has a very different set of problems to deal with. Life for your daughter may very well be an emotional roller coaster because in addition to being hyper she may also be defiant, rebellious, angry and stubborn.

Because she has a low tolerance and frustration level for many things, it can lead to an enormous amount of stress for her and others around her.

Adolescence is a particularly difficult time for all girls but when you add ADD/ADHD to the mix you have a potent cocktail. While younger and under the support system of the family she may have been coping just fine. But, as a teenager, her life may feel overwhelming. Your hyperactive, hyperemotional daughter may be at higher risk as she enters adolescence.