Coping Mechanisms for Young Ladies

Though you may not always realize it, our much-loved children are often stressed and might need some help with, especially with the lifestyle that we are living in this modern world. It is affecting young ladies just as much as for young boys. However, because girls seem to be able to handle it a bit better, people think that girls are coping a lot better than boys. This isn’t true at all. And, it is vitally important that you teach your children—especially young ladies—some coping mechanisms to ensure that they are learning how to cope better while they are growing up. Here are some tips on how you can teach these coping mechanisms to girls and even boys:

Teaching them at a young age to cope

Coping mechanisms are being taught at a young age by professional counselors. The sooner and younger they get to learn how to cope with life and the stresses that come with it, will make them enjoy their lives a lot better.

There are too many parents out there who are trying to ensure that young children aren’t stressed and they are keeping as many “bad things” in life away from them as possible. However, this does not teach them about coping and will not give them the opportunity to learn coping mechanisms.

Teaching them that being calm is better than being angry and stressed

The sooner you teach your girls that being calm and relaxed is healthier for them than being angry and stressed the better, especially those who struggle on how to control anger. This can be a hard lesson to teach but, over time, you will get your girl to understand why it is important to stay calm in almost any circumstance. “It’s what we do with our anger that counts.  When anger is dealt with in healthy, constructive ways, there’s nothing bad or harmful about it,” Signe Whitson L.S.W., C-SSWS explains.

The problem that most adults don’t consider is that the children of today are more far more stressed than when we were children. And, this is why teaching them that different coping mechanisms and calming exercises are essential. We, as parents, sometimes forget about teaching our children that life can be hard, especially in this day and age.

Giving them options on how they can get relief from stress

It is essential to give the young girls different options on how they can relief from stress and different coping mechanisms. This isn’t something that they will learn on their own.

It is important to make sure that you know which coping mechanisms will be right for your daughter and will suit her age best. There are different areas that you can teach her and the more help she gets to learn and understand, the easier it will be for her to choose the one that is going to be best for her to cope with the life that lies ahead. According to  Erlanger A. Turner Ph.D., “Besides physical activities, find other hobbies or activities that bring you joy. That might be listening to music, going to the movies, or drawing. Keep doing these things even when you’re stressed and busy. ”

Be there when your girl needs someone to talk to

Young girls need to have someone to talk to when they need to handle a stressful situation. And this is what a mother is there for. You need to be there to listen to your girl if she has something to say or something that is making her life hard. To build a strong relationship when she is young will ensure that you have a good, steady relationship when she is a teenager. Katie Hurley, LCSW says, “It’s important to empathize with your child. This normalizes what they experience and helps them understand that they aren’t alone, and you will guide them through it.”

Coping mechanisms are important to every young lady out there. And it is the responsibility of the parent to teach her these coping mechanisms so that she can learn how to cope in different situations. Online therapy can also be considered if the parents are struggling to assist the child.