5 Great Apps To Increase Productivity in ADHD Students

12-year old David, who was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), was called on by his guidance counselor because of his incredibly low grades. David confessed that he was having difficulty organizing his time and concentrating on doing his homework, so his counselor recommended 5 apps that he can use to level his mind. Now, 13-year old David is a straight A student who is admired by both his teachers and peers. It’s all because of those 5 apps listed below.


If you’re writing an essay and spent too much of your time surfing in the net or using an app, this one is for you. RescueTime is an app that tracks your activities which it collates in a report, so you can see the activities you have spent a majority of your time for a regular period. It also allows you to rate each activity from “Very Distracting” to “Very Productive”. This app is helpful for students with ADHD to keep track of their activities and decrease their time in procrastinating. RescueTime is for free, but purchasing additional features approximately costs $9.00. 

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Epic Win

Goal-setting apps too boring? Well, Epic Win is an app that turns goal-setting to a fun, role-playing game! Epic Win allows you to make an avatar that is appointed to complete goals to win points. Epic Win is a helpful app to encourage students with ADHD to complete their tasks and help them keep track of the tasks they have completed through the most enjoyable way possible! The app costs $1.99 in the online market.



If you’re looking for just a simple, easy-to-use app that doesn’t occupy too much of your space, here is what you need! 30/30 is an app that makes use of alarms to remind students of the tasks they must complete after half an hour increments. After 30 minutes, the users are able to assess the progress of their tasks. This app is particularly helping to keep track of the completion of the ADHD students’ to-do list.  This app is completely free.  “Children with ADHD who are strong students get by without much of an organizational plan.  They may resist organizational systems entirely and seem to rely on adult reminders indefinitely,” Mark Bertin M.D. points out.

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While EverNote is an app that allows you to jot down notes, it is with this sole reason that makes it helpful for ADHD students. This app helps ADHD students to hone their organization skills. It’s user-interface allows you to categorize text, audio, and photos into a “digital notebook”. Not only can students use this to organize their notes for their upcoming test, this app allows you to create a to-do list and set reminders for certain tasks. This app is free, but purchasing additional features may incur monthly costs.

The role of your parenting evolves over time. A young child needs a parent that’s a coach, who tells them how to do things,” Damon Korb, M.D. explains. “But by late elementary school that role should shift. Parents ought to, if the child is developing appropriately, be more of a manager.”

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Dropbox is an app that specializes in organization.  “Helping kids develop organizational skills relieves the homework struggle,” Nancy Darling Ph.D. says. Dropbox allows ADHD students to store important files and notes from their study. These files won’t get misplaced, which is something that most students with ADHD often do by accident. What’s more interesting is that this app allows parents to access the storage bins of their sons/daughters and help them to manage files and keep track of their schoolwork. Dropbox has 2 GB of storage for free. If you want additional space, it will incur some costs.